About Us

Our vision is to be a provider of an outstanding non-destructive testing service around the world.

But at heart, we are all about family. We care deeply about our team, our local area, and our community. Our values come from a deep-seated sense of local pride, and a desire to provide meaningful employment and opportunities for our people in our area.

Our Policies

We strive to ensure we are complying with all our industry’s policies and certifications. Please find more information here.

Who are we?

At heart, we are all about family and community. Find out about the foundation of our values.

Our team

We are so proud of our team. Find out who we are and all of our contact details here.

Our thoughts

Find out about how we are helping our clients, our latest news, and thoughts on trends within the NDT industry.

Responsive testing that delivers assurance that your equipment is safe.

Contact us for a quality testing service with a fast report turnaround. We can respond to any challenge.


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