Here at NDT Group, we are proud of our in-house radiography service. Our site in Sandycroft houses one of the largest purpose-built radiography bays in the UK. Both Gamma and X-ray radiography are used in-house. We also have the capacity to conduct these tests on-site. It is our goal to deliver assurance to you that your assets are meeting the highest of industry standards in safety.  

If you think you may need our radiography services for your company (either Gamma or X-Ray radiography), please contact us for more information. No question is too minor for our team.

Mobile Radiography Service

Our mobile radiography darkroom is able to travel to any site, meaning we can develop films on-site and produce instant results. This reduces the need for operational disruption.

Real-Time Radiography

To keep operational disruption to a minimum, we are always looking to make our tests as time-efficient as possible. Our Real Time Radiography service enables us to test the integrity of your assets without the need for time-consuming wet-film development and without sacrificing quality or safety. We do our best to help you to return to operational norms as quickly as possible.

Saferad Radiography System

The Saferad Radiography System allows us to perform onsite inspections without the need for large areas of your site to be affected. The Saferad System can reduce the area that needs to be cordoned off, in some cases down to just 2 metres, meaning your site can remain operational whilst we perform a planned schedule of inspections throughout.

What is Radiography?

Gamma and X-ray radiography both use a similar process. The component to be tested is placed between the radiation source and the film (detector). The rays are sent through the component and an image is imprinted on the film. This image is then processed in our on-site darkroom.  This creates a permanent record of the component’s defects.

One of the greatest benefits of using radiography is that the surface of the component does not have to be prepared beforehand. A lot of other NDT methods require clean surfaces, radiography does not. This testing method can also be used on most materials and no minimum material thickness is required. Very small defects can be detected, and portable radiography units often don’t require power on-site, meaning they are highly versatile.

What is this inspection method used to detect?

Typically, Radiography is used to detect cracks, voids, and solid inclusions, and internal planar defects. It can also be used to assess levels of corrosion or thinning under certain conditions and detect volumetric defects such as slag and porosity.

It is commonly used to test storage tanks and pressure vessels, normally on-site. But can also be used to test pipework, forgings, castings, small metal components, and welds.

What are some of the limitations of Radiography?

Obviously, radiography uses a radiation source, and so it can sometimes cause issues testing around staff on-site, potentially disrupting site operations. Traditionally, using conventional Radiography equipment would mean areas need to be cordoned off during test periods, which means site operations can be affected. Using our SafeRad system reduces the need to cordon off large areas of the plant, meaning operational disruption is kept to a minimum.

Think you might need this service?

Our team is ready for your call. If you know you need radiography testing for your assets and want to discuss the opportunity to use our in-house testing services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When to use this service

  • task_altFor storage tanks and pressure vessels.
  • task_altFor pipework.
  • task_altFor small metal components and machined small components.
  • task_altFor forgings and castings.
  • task_altFor welds, welds in structural steel and in high pressure environments.
  • task_altFor structural steel.
  • task_altFor clad materials.
  • task_altFor aircraft fuselage and wings.
  • task_altFor heat exchangers and boilers.

Responsive testing that delivers assurance that your equipment is safe.

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