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Corrosion Mapping / Tank Inspection

Clients hear about our services, including our Fit for Purpose Report Service, through a variety of channels. One such channel is LinkedIn, where we’re proud to engage with an audience of like-minded NDT industry leaders and business professionals from all over the world. 
It was through LinkedIn that we were contacted by a major heat and energy company, after seeing we offer tank inspection services from our content on LinkedIn.

The Problem

The Client had two chemical tanks on their site. They are around twenty years old and there was no inspection history. They needed an NDT company to complete a “fit for purpose” report, and turned to NDT Group.

As there was no history to work with, our technicians had to come up with a suitable inspection scheme so that we could generate a suitable report.

The Solution

Our solution was to conduct an inspection in three stages. Our technicians started with a general visual inspection of the tank condition, before moving on to conduct a manual Ultrasonic Inspection of the tank Nozzles and dome ends. We then applied our Automatic RMS crawler to the tank shell, scanning the areas of the tank body and building a map of the existing corrosion. 

Our results were sent to a third-party, who produced the “fit for purpose” report and calculated the remaining life of the vessel for the Client.

The Result

The Client was pleased with the quality of the resulting report, and was able to continue to operate the tanks, confident that they remained compliant with statutory requirements.

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