We are proud of the non-destructive testing services we have provided to a range of sectors in Wales, the UK, and Internationally. Find out more about your sector below.

Offshore Wind Turbines

Poor quality testing, slow reporting and unresponsive contractors; we know and understand the problems that can come from suppliers.  At NDT Group, we are determined to respond quickly when you need NDT. As your contractor of choice, we are able to provide accurate testing and reduce operational disruption for your site by being as flexible […]

Water Utility Sector

We provide a range of services for the water utility sector, including soil sampling, leak detection and pipe inspections.


Here at NDT Group, we understand that your refinery has to maintain the highest safety and compliance standards. We deliver assurance that your equipment is structurally sound and can help you determine the schedule of maintenance required to ensure the longevity of your assets.

Energy from Waste

We understand that you need assurance that your site and equipment are safe, meeting every regulatory standard required. We deliver that assurance, starting with our first conversation, to when we deliver your report documentation promptly. Help prolong the lifespan of your assets with a routine schedule of inspection with our team.


We understand that one of the highest concerns within your industry is that no materials hazardous to a person’s health are found within any of your products. You have a range of health and safety regulations to meet, and you need assurance that every component within your company is up to standard. Damage and corrosion […]


The construction industry works at an incredible pace. We understand the pressure you are under to stay on schedule, whilst maintaining a safe site for your team. Our range of NDT services enables you to accurately determine the integrity of your site and company’s equipment. Non-destructive testing can increase the longevity of these assets, by […]


We understand that safety is the number one concern for your site. Large-scale incidents in your sector can cause severe consequences for your team and the general public. So, we deliver assurance that your equipment is safe and meets all of your industry’s regulatory body’s requirements.

Renewable Energy

With governments putting increasing emphasis on the crucial role that renewable energy sources must have in our society; the Renewable Energy Sector is only going to grow and develop. Ensuring that your equipment is complying with international safety standards is our goal. We want to deliver you the assurance that your site is operating efficiently […]


Here at NDT Group, our goal is to deliver assurance to you that your offshore site is adhering to the highest international safety standards by monitoring and testing all of your assets. Our non-destructive testing services help maintain site integrity and prolong the working life of your equipment. Our team is well experienced in working […]

Oil and Gas

We want to deliver the assurance you need that your site and assets are complying with all the regulations that the oil and gas industry requires. Our team understands the importance of ensuring extraction and refining operations are maintained safely, on-shore and off-shore. We can provide non-destructive testing services that are suitable for all stages […]

Responsive testing that delivers assurance that your equipment is safe.

Contact us for a quality testing service with a fast report turnaround. We can respond to any challenge.


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