Water Utility Sector

The work of the Utilities Sector forms the backbone of any civilised society’s infrastructure. Without it, modern living would be untenable. It ensures public health is maintained, that our basic needs are met and that our economy can thrive. 

Here at NDT Group, we understand that well-functioning equipment is essential to the smooth running of an effective utilities provision. Leaks need to be prevented to ensure proper functioning, reduce disruption to users and improve cost efficiency. 

We aim to deliver the assurance that your equipment, pipelines and sites are safe. We offer a range of services within the Utilities Sector that seek to minimise operational disruption. Our responsive approach allows us to provide a fast report turnaround, meaning your work stays on schedule.

Corrosion Mapping

We can provide a range of services to assess the integrity of your pipework and equipment. We can offer RMS Corrosion mapping of large diameter pipes. We utilise the 450 head so that we can accurately map the corrosion levels within your pipe network. Our Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspections use the Pipescan HD to detect corrosion levels and pitting on equipment. 

Pipe Inspections

Our pipework inspections start with a visual inspection, complete with commentary and photographs. This information is then added to a range of additional tests, including Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) inspections to build up a picture of the integrity of your pipework. PEC allows us to utilise the EddyFi Lyft system to screen large sections of pipe for volumetric wall loss. Our team is also able to perform external pipe diameter calliper measurements to check pipe Ovality and external pit gauging. All of this information contributes to our estimated remaining life reports.

Soil Sampling

NDT Group’s soil sampling service allows you to determine whether the waste coming from your infrastructure is hazardous or safe for landfill disposal. You will receive a report outlining the findings of the inspection that is suitable should the information be requested by the Environmental Agency or Local Planning Authority. 

Leak Detection and Condition Assessment

We are proud to partner with WRc Infrastructure to provide access to their state-of-the-art leak detection, condition assessment and active leakage control solutions. They also provide locating, commissioning and ingress location and quantification services. These services can be accessed through your account with us, reducing your organisational workload.

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