Global inspection services

Dye Penetrant Inspection / Phased Array / Visual Inspection

NDT Group do not just operate in the UK.

We provide non destructive testing services to Europe and beyond. We have already carried out inspections in Norway, South Africa and Holland.

Our most recent international project came about when a maintenance consultant company contacted us through LinkedIn and asked if we could support them in the Middle East.

Who are CNIM ECS?

CNIM ECS is a global company that provides assistance with planning, organising and conducting scheduled and unscheduled outages for maintenance in Waste-To-Energy and biomass plants.

Their Problem

The company originally contacted us requesting our assistance in providing NDT services for a planned shutdown at their site in Baku, Azerbaijan. 

There were three test techniques that they required, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT), Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) and Visual Inspections

There was also a very tight time frame for the testing to take place. It was likely that 24-hour coverage was going to be required to make sure the inspection schedule was completed on time.

Our Solution

We are able to provide NDT technicians to most international locations, so we were able to mobilise a team of four qualified in Level 2 PCN to conduct the month-long inspection at the site in Baku. 

The Result

The shutdown was a success and completed in time meaning the boiler could be returned to the end client. The technicians were even able to fit in a few days sightseeing before returning home to the UK.

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