The impact of our mobile darkroom service

Radiography / Tank Inspection

We were recently contacted by a tank fabrication company. NDT Group had been recommended to them by one of our other regular clients when they had become dissatisfied with their current NDT supplier. Our mobile darkroom service was going to play a key role in helping them complete their project efficiently.

What was the problem?

The company was fabricating and installing a new storage tank on-site in the Northeast. Although they were using a non-destructive testing company from the area to complete the Radiography Inspections, this company had no on-site processing capabilities. This meant that the company would have to travel to the site, complete inspections, then pack up and travel back to their premises to process the Radiography films. Only then could they report the findings back to the client. There would normally be a time-lapse of two to three hours between the Radiography team leaving the site and the client finding out the results of the tests.

This was having a significant impact on the welding team, as they were having to wait up to three hours to find out if their welds were acceptable. Sometimes the client would have to wait until the next morning for results, meaning welding and fabrication would have to stop until the results were reported back.

All of this was significantly impacted the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the project.

How did NDT Group solve the problem?

Here at NDT Group, we have our own ‘mobile darkroom’ which means we can offer on-site processing, giving instant results to the client. We can complete the Radiography inspections and then process the films on-site, allowing the client to know if there are any repairs that need to be addressed before moving his welders onto the next phase of the job.

What was the impact?

There was a huge improvement in the period required to complete the job. Work did not need to stop for the films to be processed and the tank fabrication company could meet their deadlines.

The company was delighted with the result.

If you are interested in finding out how our mobile darkroom can improve the efficiency of your projects, please feel free to get in touch. We will be delighted to discuss how we can help deliver assurance that your project will be completed on time.

‘We were very impressed with NDT Group’s mobile darkroom and although this is the first time, we have used their services, we will certainly be in touch again.’

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