A new testing process using Real-time Radiography.


Our new division, NDT Innovation was set up with the view of developing new solutions to testing and inspection problems.

So, it was a pleasure to put these skills to the test when a local manufacturing company approached us about a problem it was having with its sealant product.  

Their Problem

The company makes a silicone-based sealant for the automotive industry. This sealant is used in car batteries, and they were having issues with voids/cavities appearing within the sealant.

Our Solution

At first, it wasn’t clear what type of test would give the required result. We quickly realised that we were going to have to do some experimentation to determine whether we could find an appropriate test.

We inspected the bags of sealant using Digital ‘real time’ Radiography. This technique would enable us to capture Radiographic images of the sealant and give us a benchmark from which to work. We then used a syringe to simulate voids within the sealant, using the real-time feed to prove that detection was possible.

The Result

The Real-Time Radiography did indeed pick up the cavities in the bags. This proved that this form of Radiographic testing is a viable option for this client. The client will now be able to apply this technology to their manufacturing process to manage and hopefully reduce the number of cavities appearing in their products.

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