How we prevent operational disruption.


We are proud of our team’s ability to think creatively and solve a problem. This skill was demonstrated recently when a regular client contacted us to test boiler tubes cladded in Inconel material. It was a pleasure to see the team respond to the problem in a flexible way, delivering a quality service to prevent operational disruption for the client.

What were the client’s problems?

Our client first contacted us to carry out a one-off emergency repair job. They were so impressed with the response and quality of our work that they switched contractors and NDT Group became their preferred NDT supplier.

The boiler tubes were clad in Inconel material

As part of our ongoing work with our client, they approached us to provide testing for their boiler. Normally, this test would require Ultrasonic Phased Array inspection. But, due to the material properties of the boiler tubes, Ultrasonic inspection was not possible.

When this happens, the preferred inspection, in this case, is Radiography, but that brings its own issues with it. Normally using Radiography would mean having to cordon off large areas of the boiler whilst the Radiography is carried out. This has a knock-on effect, meaning welding and fabrication production has to stop. This was going to be a problem for the client as they had a tight turnaround to install the boiler tubes and get the plant back up and running.

How did NDT Group prevent operational disruption?

SafeRad Radiography

To prevent operational disruption we suggested using the SafeRad Radiography system. This system only requires very small containment areas (in some cases down to two metres) and meant that we could carry out Radiography to the boiler tubes during normal working hours and production could continue as normal around us. The client was really pleased, as they could meet their inspection requirements and job deadline.

You can see how pleased the clients were in their written testimony

It was so encouraging to see that the client really felt the benefit of the SafeRad Radiography system in real terms.

If you would like any information about our SafeRad Radiography system and how it can help your plant meet its inspection requirements and job deadlines, please feel free to chat with our team. We would be delighted to talk to you.

‘In the past we have always tried to steer clear of Radiography due to the downtime in production it causes, but after seeing the SafeRad system in operation and it’s benefits we would certainly look to use this inspection technique again. As usual, great service.’

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