Professional Partnership within the NDT Industry

Eddy Current Inspection / Ultrasonic Inspection

One of our company’s values is a willingness to work in professional partnership with other companies in our sector. We see this as a way of ensuring that our clients get the best possible experience, as we can offer an ever-increasing toolkit of services. It also means that we can be more flexible, providing the technicians they need whenever they need them. Ultimately, the client always benefits, and we are always focused on delivering assurance and quality to our clients, no matter what it takes.

So, when an NDT company from South Wales contacted us, we welcomed the opportunity to develop a professional partnership.

The company first contacted us through a mutual professional acquaintance. They are a young non-destructive testing company, targeting the South Wales area.

Why did the company reach out?

There were two main reasons why the company from South Wales contacted us:

1.      Technical knowledge

The company needed advice on which testing methods would be appropriate for specific jobs that they were undertaking in South Wales.

2.      Limited access to NDT technicians

The company had limited access to multi-disciplinary NDT technicians. They needed a professional partnership that would give them the flexibility to sub-contract technicians to fulfill their clients’ needs.

How did NDT Group help?

1.      Professional expertise in NDT

Since this company initially contacted us, our relationship has developed and grown. We have helped out in an advisory role on many jobs, instructing their team in the best non-destructive testing method to use within any given circumstance.

2.      Flexible access to NDT technicians

Our team of NDT technicians often works with this company to provide Eddy Current Inspections and Ultrasonic Inspections, augmenting the company’s range of services. NDT Group’s team brings additional expertise and experience, offering guidance and advice to the company’s technicians when required.

What impact have NDT Group had?

This professional arrangement has benefitted both of our companies greatly.

1.      Their company has grown

The company in South Wales has been able to take on two more technicians, meaning they are now more sustainable and can complete work more quickly.

2.      Their technicians have developed professionally

Their technicians have benefitted from our team’s experience and skill.

3.      Our clients benefit from the additional staff

They are now able to support us when needed so that we can deliver an outstanding service to our own clients, every time, with the added benefit of being able to mobilise technicians from South Wales to other parts of the UK if required.

Professional partnerships benefit everyone

Ultimately, working with another NDT company has been nothing but a blessing for us. The company’s Director certainly sees the benefit. He writes of us:

“[A] highly experienced Non-Destructive Testing and Inspections company. 24 hrs call-out services to meet client needs. Team player and supportive company.”

If you would like more information about our range of NDT services, including our Eddy Current Inspection and Ultrasonic Inspection, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

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