Our response time to an unplanned shutdown

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Do unexpected shutdowns put you under pressure?

When shutdowns happen unexpectedly, the pressure is on to get things up and running as soon as possible. There are a lot of factors that can affect how quickly site operation can resume. A lot is dependent on how quickly contractors can find technicians to complete the work required. 

We were delighted to be able to respond quickly when an offshore oil platform found themselves suffering an unexpected shutdown. The platform found us online when they realised their current contractors were unable to meet their needs.

The Problem

The company had suffered an unplanned shutdown on the platform, and needed to conduct non-destructive testing in a difficult location that required rope access. Because the shutdown was completely unexpected, they really needed someone who was able to mobilise quickly. They conducted an internet search to find a company that was able to offer rope access services and who promised a responsive service.

Our Solution

A good number of our team have IRATA rope access qualifications, meaning we had the technical expertise at hand to support the company. 

We received the enquiry on a Friday afternoon. We were able to respond really quickly, and we were able to get a technician to Aberdeen by Sunday evening. The technician flew offshore Monday morning at 6am.

Our technician was able to perform Magnetic Particle Inspection on the structural supports under the Rig in order to identify the faults and ensure repairs could take place. 

The job was only meant to last between three to four days. But as work commenced it was clear that more time was needed. The technician ended up staying offshore for ten days.

The Result

We were able to support the team running the offshore platform to get their operations up and running as quickly as possible by responding within 48 hours. The client was delighted by the response.

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