TOFD inspection for the pharmaceutical industry

Time of Flight Diffraction

We pride ourselves on developing strong working relationships with our clients. We ensure they know the range of services that we provide so that they are able to request additional services when needed. 

A pharmaceutical company from Liverpool contacted us to inspect their stainless-steel storage vessels. The client contacted us directly, as they already knew that we had the capabilities and experience to carry out the inspections they required.

Their Problem

The client originally contacted us knowing what test they needed us to perform. They wanted us to apply a Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD) inspection to some stainless-steel vessels. 

The client had found their vessels to be susceptible to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and needed an inspection technique which could help detect the flaw. TOFD has been proven to be the perfect solution for detecting stress corrosion cracking.

Our Solution

To complete the inspection we realised that we would need to produce a specific Validation Block. This is a procedure that helps us check that the TOFD apparatus would accurately detect flaws throughout the whole component being tested. It involves making deliberate flaws within the materials and testing to see if the equipment registers them accurately. If they do, we know that the test will accurately assess the integrity of the whole area. 

For this job, we produced Spark Eroded slots in the validation block as specific points and then ran the TOFD apparatus. The apparatus picked up the flaws accurately, and we were able to proceed with testing the entire storage vessels. 

We worked with the client to put together a rolling program of tank inspections to ensure their vessels will be regularly assessed.

The Result

The client now has a regular inspection program in place to help monitor and detect flaws which will help to extend the life of their vessels. They were delighted with the service we provided, and we received this review from them.

"Ecstatic is my only word. Thanks for the report and service you provided."

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