Reinventing acoustic leak detection services

When there is water leaking through a burst or damaged pipe, it is important that the location of the leak is found quickly. 

How do you find the leak? 

In the past, it was a case of guesswork and excavating, but technology has made this easier, thanks to advances in acoustic leak detection services. 

Water makes a specific sound when it leaks through burst pipes and this is what acoustic leak detectors are looking for when locating a leaky pipe. 

How do acoustic leak detectors work? What advantage do they have over other methods? 

Acoustic leak detection services have changed the way we approach this crucial aspect of water management. Find out more in this blog. 

Advanced leak detection services

Water line leak detection services have undergone a fundamental change with the integration of acoustic technology. 

The process involves deploying sensitive acoustic sensors along water pipelines. 

These sensors pick up the unique sound frequencies produced by water leaks, allowing our technicians to precisely locate the source of the issue. 

The technology has proven to be highly effective, even in cases where leaks are hidden beneath layers of soil or infrastructure.

One example of this is the Touch Pro tech, used by WRc Infrastructure. This is an advanced leak noise correlator which has been designed especially for more difficult leak detection situations, such as plastic or large-diameter pipes. 

Touch Pro employs simple-to-use functions and is intuitive to control so is an effective tool for quick, accurate leak detection. 

Touch Pro delivers leak detection reports quicker, accurately and cost-effectively than other methods. 

Interested? Here at NDT Group we have experience of working in the Water Utility sector. Along with our partnership with WRc Infrastructure, we have the experience and skills to deliver leak detection services. Contact us to find out more. 

Advantages of acoustic leak detection services  

Unlike traditional methods that involve excavation and guesswork, acoustic leak detection relies on the principles of sound waves to pinpoint leaks. 

This method not only speeds up the detection process but also minimises the need for disruptive and costly excavations.

Some of the advantages of acoustic leak detection are:

  • It saves you time and money 
  • It eliminates the need to remove concrete or dig up the ground
  • It is cost effective
  • It is accurate 
  • It does not cause damage to property
  • It means you can fix the problem more quickly

Let’s take a look at some of these in more detail. 


One of the key advantages of acoustic leak detection services is their non-invasive nature. 

Traditional methods often necessitate extensive excavation to expose the pipelines, leading to disruptions, increased costs, and extended downtime. 

Acoustic leak detection eliminates the need for such invasive procedures, making it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. 

By minimising the impact on surrounding infrastructure, acoustic leak detection services contribute to the overall sustainability of water management practices.


The accuracy of acoustic leak detection is another feature that sets it apart from traditional methods. 

The advanced sensors used in these services can distinguish between background noise and the distinct sounds produced by a water leak. 

This precision not only reduces the margin of error but also enables rapid response to emerging issues. 

Water line leak detection services are thus transformed into proactive measures, preventing potential damage and conserving water resources.

Real-time monitoring 

In addition to its accuracy and non-invasive nature, acoustic leak detection services offer real-time monitoring capabilities. 

The continuous monitoring of water pipelines allows for the early detection of leaks, even before they become visible or cause significant damage. 

This proactive approach empowers water utilities and authorities to address issues swiftly, minimising water loss and infrastructure damage.

Acoustic leak detection services

Acoustic leak detection services not only enhance the accuracy and efficiency of leak detection but also contribute to the sustainability of water management practices. 

By minimising environmental impact, reducing costs, and enabling proactive measures, acoustic leak detection is at the forefront of reinventing how you safeguard your water pipeline infrastructure. 

Water line leak detection services, now equipped with acoustic technology, pave the way for a more resilient and sustainable water infrastructure.

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