Our new NDT Renewables Apprenticeship scheme: why have we made it?

Here at NDT Group, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new apprenticeship scheme: The NDT Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme. But what is it, why have we created it and most importantly, how will it benefit you? 

What is the NDT Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme?

NDT Group has been running a successful apprenticeship scheme for a number of years, having already trained five apprentices to date. Through this scheme, our trainees gain PCN Level 1 accreditation in non-destructive testing and work with an external provider (Skills UK) to earn an NVQ. They also have the opportunity to learn how an NDT company operates and train alongside experienced technicians in the field.

The NDT Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme will run alongside our existing apprenticeship scheme but will allow apprentices to focus on the Renewable Energy Sector. The apprentices will study much of the same material and learn many of the same skills, but with the addition of GWO accreditation and work experience in the Wind Turbine Offshore industry. 

GWO accreditation is unique to those industries working with the Wind Turbine Industry. The programme ensures that those working with Wind Turbines are aware of the risks involved and can keep themselves safe whilst undertaking work in this industry. 

Why have we created it? 

1. The renewable energy sector is growing rapidly

Renewable Energy is the future. There is no denying it. In 2022, 43% of the UK’s electricity was generated by renewable energy (which includes wind, solar, bioenergy and hydroelectric), of which 26% alone was from wind power. Within this, offshore wind power is the largest growing form of renewable energy. 

To give that figure some context, in 1991, only 2% of the UK’s electricity was produced through renewable energy sources. Now, nearly half of our electricity comes from renewable sources.

This output is only going to grow. Plans are already in action to increase offshore wind output from 11GW to 50GW by 2030. Imagine all of the infrastructure that is going to be built to facilitate that increase. 

The UK is already one of the countries leading the way in the switch to renewable energy sources, with our government aiming to reach net zero by 2030. It is crucial that we ensure we have the technology and expertise at home to build, maintain and run these huge infrastructures. 

Basically, as the UK’s infrastructure grows, we need technicians to maintain it. A dedicated apprenticeship pathway will make sure that we have a steady supply of technicians that specialise in that field so that we can continue to offer a highly effective NDT service. 

2. Develop our local area

Secondly, our reason for developing this apprenticeship scheme is a very personal one. As a company that has deep roots in our local area, one of the values that set us apart from other NDT companies is the desire to give back to the community wherever possible. Lots of us come from the local communities found near our headquarters in Deeside. We want young people in our area to have great opportunities so that they will have a reason to make a life for themselves in here in North Wales. 

In addition, our Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme will allow NDT Group to better serve the growing Renewable Energy sector. This will help us grow and in turn create local jobs and future-proof our local economy. 

How will this scheme benefit you? 

This scheme will ensure that if you work within the Renewable Energy sector, you will have a steady supply of highly skilled and experienced NDT technicians that are better equipped to serve your specific needs. Not every sector uses NDT in the same way. Our technicians will serve your sector better if they specialise earlier on in their careers. 

How will this scheme benefit young people?

If you’re a young person looking for a career in the renewable energy sector, or if you know someone who might be interested in joining this fast-moving and dynamic industry, how will this apprenticeship scheme help you?

1. Work Experience

Taking part in an apprenticeship scheme allows you to work and get paid, whilst also receiving training. Apprentices are paid at least the minimum wage. It is a great way to develop a new career path, as once you have finished your training you can usually carry on as an employee of the company you trained with if you wish. 

2. Training 

The full-time 40-hour-a-week programme is run through Skills UK, which provides all external training for both our apprenticeship schemes, so you will gain a full programme of training from whichever scheme you choose. 

As well as the industry standard safety training that we offer in our NDT Group Apprenticeship Scheme, NDT Renewables apprentices will benefit from an opportunity for GWO training and an opportunity to work in the Offshore Wind Turbine Industry. 

3. Focus on Renewable Energy 

This dynamic and ever-developing sector is exciting to work in. You will have the opportunity to work with competent technicians who can share their knowledge and experience with you. You will be at the forefront of the latest developments in NDT services and you will also have the opportunity to work with new equipment as soon as we use them. 

Work will include a mixture of in-house inspections at our purpose-built site in Deeside, as well as working at client sites throughout the UK, with the potential for working on offshore wind farms. 

NDT Group: A great apprenticeship provider 

Our vision is to be an outstanding provider of NDT services across the world. But we are also passionate about our team, our local area and our community. We have the desire to provide meaningful employment and robust apprenticeship pathways for local people in our local area. 

Apprenticeships are a great way to develop your career path, allowing you to spend part of your time working, and part of your time studying. Our new NDT Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme is an exciting new opportunity to receive training and hands-on experience in the fast-growing and changing Renewable Energy sector. 

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