Internal Rotary Inspection

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What is Internal Rotary Inspection (IRIS)?

This method is a form of ultrasonic non-destructive testing.  The IRIS probe is inserted into the tube and flooded with water. The water pressure allows a small probe to be turned, allowing the ultrasonic pulse to rotate around all sides of the tube.

The data gathered is very accurate and this technique can be used in metal tubes.

What is IRIS used to detect?

The method is normally used for thickness gauging in boilers, heat exchangers, and fin-fan tubes. IRIS is often used as a stand-alone method.

What are the limitations of IRIS?

The probe must be moved very slowly, so testing takes time and skill. A clean water supply is needed, as pressure must be maintained for the probe to work. In addition, debris in the water can jam or damage the turbine.

Although the probe can pass through bends, it cannot detect all defects along a bend, meaning other NDT methods must be used in conjunction with this service.

Think you need our Internal Rotary Inspection Service?

Our team of multi-disciplinary technicians is able to perform multiple non-destructive testing methods on-site so that you can be sure that your assets are safe. Call our team now, or drop us a message, to find out how we can help you maintain your site’s safety.

When to use this service

  • task_altFor pipe work.
  • task_altFor heat exchangers and boilers.

Responsive testing that delivers assurance that your equipment is safe.

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