LOLER examination

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER Regulations) mandate that lifting equipment and accessories undergo a thorough examination (LOLER Examination) by a competent person every 6 or 12 months, depending on the type of equipment and its use.

Here at NDT Group, we are able to provide comprehensive LOLER Examination Service in collaboration with SQR Group.

Our thorough LOLER examination service encompasses a wide range of lifting equipment, including overhead cranes, patient hoists, motor vehicle lifts, tail lifts, and more. We are also able to test various lifting accessories such as slings, chains, hooks, and spreader beams.

Why choose us for your LOLER inspection services?

Stay compliant

At NDT Group, in collaboration with SQR Group Ltd, we understand that LOLER examination is a critical aspect of your safety compliance programme, ensuring the wellbeing of your staff and others. Our LOLER Examination service ensures that you stay fully compliant with all regulations. 

High-quality testing

Our LOLER examiners are LEEA trained and competent, guaranteeing efficient and on-schedule examinations in strict accordance with LOLER Regulations.

Easy, instant access to your data

All of our clients receive a company account to our online portal that allows you 24/7 access to your data. 

Get immediate access to your thorough examination reports through this secure portal, ensuring you can keep downtime to a minimum. 

Examination data can also be integrated into your asset database, for easy tracking. 

Technical support

Get support and guidance from your dedicated SQR Group Ltd Technical Director and team.

LOLER testing: how often should you get lifting equipment tested? 

LOLER standards demand the following frequency for your examinations:

  • Lifting Equipment (excluding personnel lifting): Every 12 months
  • Personnel Lifting Equipment (e.g., patient hoists): Every 6 months
  • Lifting Accessories (e.g., slings, shackles): Every 6 months

We are able to help you schedule your LOLER tests in line with the regulations to ensure that you monitor your equipment properly.

With our LOLER testing service, you can ensure that your equipment is well-maintained and you are adhering to all LOLER regulations. This showcases your commitment to the health and safety of your staff and helps you avoid potential legal consequences. Help prevent accidents, reduce downtime caused by unnecessary repairs and get peace of mind that your lifting equipment is safe with NDT Group and SQR Group.  

For more information about our LOLER Examination service, contact our team, who will be delighted to help.

When to use this service

  • task_altWith lifting equipment, such as overhead cranes, patient hoists, motor vehicle lifts, tail lifts
  • task_altWith lifting accessories such as slings, chains, hooks, and spreader beams

Responsive testing that delivers assurance that your equipment is safe.

Contact us for a quality testing service with a fast report turnaround. We can respond to any challenge.


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