NDT Innovation: what’s in it for you?

Here at NDT Group, we are delighted to be launching a new division: NDT Innovation. But what is it, why have we created it and most importantly: how will it benefit you!

What is NDT Innovation?

We always strive to be at the forefront of the latest technology and this new division will envelop our research and development activities. A dedicated team will seek to develop new technologies to improve inspection and testing across all sectors. 

NDT Innovation logo

As well as being the core of our research and development activities, this new division will also serve the Water Utilities sector. We already work in partnership with WRc Infrastructure to deliver NDT solutions to Water Management companies across the world.

NDT Innovations will seek to provide a range of NDT solutions to any organisation using water for process, fire mains, production or other key requirements. 

Why have we done it?

As advances are made in the Utilities industry, so too the NDT industry must adapt and change to keep up. Creating a specialised Research and Development department within the division will give us the opportunity to keep pushing our technologies to make sure we deliver the best services to this sector.  

How will it benefit you?

Obviously, everything we do at NDT Group is done with the end client in mind. We want to deliver outstanding quality NDT inspections, as efficiently as possible, as cost-effectively as possible with as minimal disruption to you as possible. NDT Innovation will help us in this mission in the following ways:

1. Cost Effective 

New technologies will help us to make testing more cost effective for you. Currently, our robotic crawlers allow us to map corrosion whilst reducing the number of technicians involved and the amount of safety equipment used. This reduces the cost for our clients, whilst still delivering an exceptionally high service. 

NDT Innovation will be tasked with developing other such technologies, to ensure that we can deliver cost effective solutions to complex inspection needs. We’re confident that you will feel the benefit of these technologies long-term. 

2. More experienced technicians

We are currently a multi-disciplinary team. Our technicians are highly trained in a range of NDT methods and hold PCN Level 2 accreditation as well as IRATA rope access level qualifications. This allows our team to respond and adapt to different situations whilst on site, no more waiting around for another technician to turn up with the right qualifications when encountering an unexpected problem in the field!

a technician working next to a water main
One of our technicians working on a water main.

To balance our technicians’ broad skill set, we also need to ensure that our colleagues gain enough experience within a particular sector in order to deliver the best result. There are maintenance issues that are specific to each sector, and by allowing some of our technicians to concentrate more of their time in one area, we are confident that they will gain valuable insights that allow them to deliver more cost effective results.

As your industry evolves, so do we

No industry sits still (in fact, it shouldn’t!). We need to keep pressing ahead to develop technologies that deliver increasingly effective testing results and increasingly cost-effective solutions. Coupled with our technicians’ increased experience within your sector, we believe that our new division can help us to meet your needs. 

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