NDT Renewables: What’s in it for you?

NDT Group is pleased to announce the launch of our new division: NDT Renewables. But what is NDT Renewables, why have we created it and most significantly, how will it benefit you?

What is NDT Renewables? 

The new division, NDT Renewables, will consolidate the work that we already do within the Renewable Energy and Energy from Waste Sectors. We have been working within these sectors for a long period and will continue to offer a high-quality service. 

Why have we created NDT Renewables?

As these sectors grow and develop, it is important that the NDT sector adapts and grows with them. It is important that we continue to use the best, most effective technologies available to ensure that you receive quick and accurate results. 

The aim of NDT Renewables is to continue to provide a quick and effective service, with a fast report turnaround. The team will be equipped with the latest technology, allowing them to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver superior results.

How will it benefit you?  

1. Fast Results Turnaround

We offer our services on-site and offshore, aiming to deliver fast report turnarounds for all our clients. 

For local businesses, we offer a collection and delivery service, as well offering in-house testing for assets that can be moved. We have a mobile darkroom available for onsite testing. Our Saferad radiography set reduces the quarantine zone required for radiographic testing, reducing the disruption that radiographic testing can cause. 

2. Cost Effective 

We invest in smart technology, including robotic technology and drones, to produce the same high-quality results at a fraction of the cost. Using new technologies means we can reduce the number of technicians involved and also the amount of safety equipment used; reducing the cost to our clients. 

3. Experienced Team 

We are already a multidisciplinary team, meaning we can adapt to different situations. Our technicians are already highly trained and hold PCN Level 2 accreditation as well as IRATA rope access level qualifications. We are skilled in a range of non-destructive testing techniques that we know how to use in different situations. 

But, with the launch of NDT Renewables, we will be able to assure our clients that our technicians are accredited with GWO certification. This accreditation means our technicians have been specially trained to reduce the risk associated with safety hazards in the wind turbine industry.  

NDT Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme 

We are also launching our new NDT Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme. Alongside our existing Apprenticeship Scheme at NDT Group, this new scheme will allow apprentices to specialise in the Renewables sector early on in their careers. 

There will be the opportunity for GWO training, as well as the opportunity to work in the Offshore Wind Turbine industry.  

Our apprenticeship scheme will give the next generation of NDT technicians the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge, and to apply those skills through ‘on-the-job’ training with experienced NDT technicians. There is the chance to develop soft skills, learn unique skills like rope access, as well as work with new technologies.

As your industry changes, so do we 

As your industry changes and evolves, we need to change and evolve with you, to continue to meet your needs. Our experienced technicians, working to implement new technologies in your sector, are striving to provide you with the best service they can. We look forward to using this new division as an opportunity to further improve our ability to meet your needs.

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