Leak detection surveys: what are they?

Most of us have no idea of the intricate network of sewers, storm drains and water pipes that run right beneath our feet. 

These pipes endure heavy usage, and infiltration from tree roots and are impacted by heavy road traffic from above. 

How do you ensure the integrity and efficiency of these water distribution systems? What role do leak detection surveys play?  

In this blog, we will delve into what leak detection surveys are, their importance, and how our partnership with WRc Infrastructure enables cost-effective leak detection using cutting-edge robotic technology.

The need for leak detection surveys

Water is undoubtedly one of our most precious resources, and the effective management of water distribution systems is essential to ensure its sustainability. 

However, water loss due to leaks in distribution networks is a common problem. 

These leaks not only waste water but also result in significant financial losses for water utility companies. 

Regular inspection and maintenance programs are critical to guarantee the functionality of water distribution networks. 

Leak detection surveys are a vital tool in addressing this issue.

What are leak detection surveys?

Leak detection surveys involve the systematic inspection of water distribution systems to identify and locate leaks. 

These surveys utilise a variety of tools and technologies to pinpoint leaks, from traditional methods like acoustic listening devices to advanced robotic systems. 

The goal is to detect leaks promptly, reducing water loss, minimising damage to infrastructure, and ultimately saving resources.

Interested? At NDT Group, we are pleased to be working with WRc Infrastructure, to ensure that leak detection surveys are completed in a cost-effective manner using their unique robotic technology. 

You can access these leak detection services through your account with us, making it both time- and cost-effective for you. 

Through our partnership, we can offer you access to WRc Infrastructure’s state-of-the-art leak detection, condition assessment and active leakage control solutions. They also provide locating, commissioning and ingress location and quantification services. 

Contact NDT Group to find out more about how we can help you. Our leak detection services are available through our NDT Innovation division. 

The importance of leak detection services

Leak detection services are not merely about conserving water; they also play a crucial role in maintaining the sustainability of water utilities and the environment. 

Here’s why these surveys are so important:

Conservation of water

Water is a finite resource, and every drop saved counts. Leak detection surveys help reduce water losses, ensuring that more water is available for essential uses and future generations.

Financial savings 

Reducing water loss can equate to significant financial savings for water companies. Efficient leak detection can prevent revenue loss and expensive repairs.

Preventing infrastructure damage 

Unaddressed leaks can lead to infrastructure damage, including roads and buildings. By detecting leaks early, you can minimise this damage, saving both money and time.

Environmental impact 

Water leaks can lead to soil erosion, contamination, and damage to ecosystems. Reducing leaks helps protect the environment.

What techniques are used? 

Along with WRc Infrastructure, we use a range of cutting-edge techniques to carry out leak detection surveys. These include: 

Corrosion mapping

We use different methods to build up a map of the corrosion of your components. This includes the RMS2 which is a high-speed, high-accuracy remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system. 

For longer distances, the SmartBall or PipeDiver can be employed. These can be used whilst the pipeline remains in service, avoiding disruption. 

Pipe inspections 

We start our pipe inspections with a visual inspection, complete with commentary and photographs. 

A pipe crawler, such as the Versatrax 320, is used for underwater and dry applications. SmartFoam is long-range and free swimming, with sensors which work in pipes of any fluid. 

Leak detection and condition assessment 

We have a range of techniques that we use to carry out leak detection and condition assessments. 

Touch Pro is an advanced leak noise correlator, which works in more difficult leak detection situations. It is an effective tool for quick, accurate leak detection. 

Sahara is a highly accurate tethered inspection tool, used for locating leaks and carrying out pipeline condition assessments while the pipeline is in service. 

The cost-effective advantage

Leak detection surveys are a critical tool in managing water distribution systems. They help conserve water, save money, protect the environment, and prevent infrastructure damage. 

They involve a thorough examination of water distribution systems with the aim of pinpointing and determining the locations of leaks.

By partnering with WRc Infrastructure and utilising their unique robotic technology, NDT Group can conduct leak detection surveys in a cost-effective manner. 

This collaboration leads to not only substantial financial savings but also more sustainable and efficient water management.

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