NDT Innovation

A Division of NDT Group

As developments are made in the Energy, Manufacturing, Construction and Pharmaceutical industries, so the NDT industry needs to adapt and innovate to meet emerging needs.  

NDT Group’s aim is to provide responsive, accurate and cost-effective NDT services to our clients so that they have the assurance that their assets are safe and performing optimally. 

If we are to do this, then we need to keep pushing to develop the best technologies so we can deliver the best NDT testing solutions possible. 

NDT Innovation was born out of a desire to develop solutions to the immerging challenges that face the NDT industry, whilst ensuring that clients get the safest and most cost-effective solution for their needs. 

NDT Innovation operates as the research and development and Water Utility Industry inspection division of NDT Group. 

As your industry evolves, so we do too.

Serving the Water utility sector

Working in partnership with WRc Infrastructure, NDT Innovation delivers its NDT solutions to Water Management companies all over the world. 

If you rely on water for process, fire mains, production or other key requirements, we can provide a range of solutions to test asset condition, life expectancy and wall thickness loss. 

We utilise the latest technology to explore, test and evaluate, giving you the information you need to monitor and maintain your assets with as little operational disruption as possible.

Cost-effective Solutions

We always want to reduce operational costs for you. 

At NDT Innovations we invest in smart technology that helps us deliver quality tests at a fraction of the cost. Our team use robotic technologies to conduct tests reducing the number of technicians required to complete projects and the time taken to conduct the tests required.

1. Corrosion Mapping

Our robotic crawler allows us to access assets remotely. It utilises an ultrasonic system to evaluate the condition of ferrous structures such as pressure vessels, pipelines and storage tanks and identify areas of corrosion or damage. 

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2. Tethered Crawler

Our tethered crawler can be deployed underwater and on land. It facilitates visual inspection (via CCTV) and remote sensing non-destructive testing.  

3. Free swimming robot

Our free-swimming robot is equipped with sensors capable of full internal inspection for pipelines of any fluid. It detects pipe walls for metal loss including deposits and internal corrosion.

A multi-disciplinary team

Our technicians all hold PCN Level 2 accreditation, and are multi-disciplinary, meaning they are able to adapt to situations as they arise, applying a range of non-destructive testing techniques without the need for bringing in additional teams and reducing disruption for you. 

Our Solutions in Practice

A new testing process using Real-time Radiography.

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Our new division, NDT Innovation was set up with the view of developing new solutions to testing and inspection problems. So, it was a pleasure to put these skills to the test when a local manufacturing company approached us about a problem it was having with its sealant product.  

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Our response time to an unplanned shutdown


Do unplanned shutdowns put you under pressure? That’s how a recent offshore company felt. We had a technician in place within 48 hours.

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What NDT technique works best for cast iron trunk main testing?

Cast iron trunk main testing is necessary but time-consuming. We tried different NDT tests to determine which reduced disruption the most

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How we prevent operational disruption.

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Taking time out for testing can cause significant problems for plants, but we were able to prevent operational disruption in a unique way.

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