What NDT service do I need?

We recognise that non-destructive testing can be a minefield to navigate. We are always there for our clients, helping them through the process of getting their equipment tested and delivering the assurance you need that your assets are safe. If you find yourself asking “What NDT service do I need?” please take a look at our handy guide below.

Some of our services use a variety of non-destructive testing methods to measure the integrity of your component. We are very proud of the fact that most of our technicians are multi-disciplinary and are able to identify and conduct the service you require on-site. This ensures faster competition of work, and ultimately, a quicker turnaround on reports.

So, for example, a storage tank inspection may include Ultrasonic Testing from our Corrosion Mapper robotic crawler. The technician may then choose to conduct additional ultrasonic tests on certain areas of concern that the initial inspection identified.


In-house or on-site?

Our site on Factory Road in Sandycroft is equipped with a Radiography Bay. This enables us to perform many services in-house. We find many of our clients prefer to use this facility as it enables them to continue with their on-site activities. Depending on the component to be tested, we are able to offer some services, such as Dye Penetrant Inspection, in-house too.

We also are able to test components in situ on-site. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with our team and we will do our best to meet your needs. Please note, restrictions on what services are available on any given day may apply on a job-by-job basis.


If you are not sure which service you require, please have a look below. We are always happy to offer suggestions.

Small Metal Component

If you require a small metal component to be tested, you may need:

Forgings and Castings

If you require forgings or castings to be tested, you may need:

Machined Small Components

If you require machined small components to be tested, you may need:


If you require shafts to be tested, you may need:

Structural Steel Welds

If you require structural steel welds to be tested, you may need:

Welds in High-pressure Environments

If you require welds in high-pressure environments to be tested, you may need:

Clad Materials

If you require clad materials to be tested, you may need:

Aircraft Fuselage & Wings

If you require aircraft fuselage and wings to be tested, you may need:

Responsive testing that delivers assurance that your equipment is safe.

Contact us for a quality testing service with a fast report turnaround. We can respond to any challenge.


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